SeaNav US Examine App

Far short of the SeaNav iOS app

As brilliant as SeaNav for iOS is, imho, SeaNav for Mac is, well, that much NOT brilliant. Even the iOS app is not perfect (e.g., no way to copy routes, then edit them, as an efficient way to make new, similar routes; placing route waypoints is tedious when your finger obscures the exact placement). I was hoping the Mac app would let me bridge those very minor annoyances. Not only was I completely wrong, but the Mac app lacks many of the features and much of the usability of the iOS app. Many examples; here’s one: to relocate a route waypoint, you can’t just click-select and drag. Instead, you’ve got to manually enter GPS coordinates for the new waypoint location. Seriously? Another: I can plan plan routes on NOAA raster charts; these digital/vector charts are skimpy on detail, and the disappearance (or slow appearance) of certain aids to navigation at different zoom levels, or depending on whether the Preferences window is open (when everything disappears), is unnerving. I’m afraid this product is not suitable even for armchair-at-home route planning.

Complete Useless App

This is a completely useless applicaiton. There are many, many other apps with far supior functioanlity and reliability that this. This company should be embarassed.

Useless for what I wanted.

What I hoped to find was an inexpensive app for my Mac that would let me define waypoints on nautical chart so that I could then transfer them to my iNavx on my iPad. Unless I missed something, this app will only support waypoints within the context of a route. The concept of a stand-alone waypoint doesn’t exist. When I imported a bunch of stand alone waypoints that I had previously defined in iNavx, the app created a route to connect them all. Not at all what I had hoped for.

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